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Balls World. Match 3 & burst


Are you looking for a fun, original and free game? Try BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST and you will have a lot of fun!

BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST is a new and original game that has some of the features of ‘match three’ style games (with balls or diamonds, bubbles, jewels, candies, balloons …) and add new cool features of the physical world (gravity, impulses, collisions …)

BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST will challenge your concentration, mental alertness and speed of movement. Suitable for improving skills and reflexes of both kids and adults.

Whether you enjoy matching balls (or diamonds, bubbles, jewels, candies, balloons …) and ‘bejeweled’ style games, but want something different and cool, try now BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST, you will love it!


The gameplay is simple:

  • Balls of different colors will fall one by one from the top.
  • To direct the balls toward the right side tap anywhere on the right half of the screen
  • To direct the balls toward the left side tap anywhere on the left half of the screen
  • Try to place the balls in the cells at the bottom. (There are six cells in total)
  • The goal is to match three balls of the same color to burst them and so clear the cell. The more balls you burst, the more points you get.
  • Avoid collisions between balls of different color. Also, prevent balls from going out of bounds.
  • The difficulty of the game will increase every 24 balls


  • Simple one touch controls
  • Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
  • “Google Play Games” leaderboard & achievements to compete with your friends and players around the world!
  • Optimized for low memory usage
  • Design for both phone and tablets
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Totally free

If you like this game, please rate and comment it. Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to improve our games.

© BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST (2014) by Triode Projects




Try “Strange Factory”…The new memory game…!!!

Are you looking for a fun and original game which challenge your memory, concentration and speed? … And that is suitable for both children and adults?

You’ve found it!… It’s called “Strange Factory: Memory Game

The brain, like other parts of the body, needs exercise and training. With this game, you can train and develop, in addition to memory, other mind skills such as attention and reaction speed.


Everything seemed to be working perfectly in the factory. But suddenly , a series of strange failures cause a mess in some systems. If you do not act immediately, the disaster will be complete…

Fortunately , thanks to your skills everything will be under control. The challenge will not be easy and things will be complicated as you beat each level. You’ll need to memorize several things quickly, keep concentration and act with precision . Every second counts . Any distraction or failure will cause dire consequences…

The more points you earn, the more prizes you can win. Additionally, in each level you can get power-ups that will help you to beat the next level more easily.

Everything depends on you …Take on the challenge!


  • Original design which makes it different from classic matching games.
  • Excellent graphics and animations
  • Leaderboard to compete with your friends and players around the world
  • Optimized for phones and tablets.
  • Totally free

Strange Factory (2013) by Triode Projects

Strange Factory


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